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What about Victoria?

Alongside others', the Queensland government banned duck shooting years ago, for three good reasons; 1. unacceptable animal cruelty, 2. dwindling numbers of shooters and 3. a growing ecotourism industry - not compatible with bird shooting.

In Victoria, shooter numbers have declined circa 80% in the last three decades (now less than 0.4% people shoot birds) and the vast majority of Victorians loathe any form of animal cruelty. Further, Victoria's rural towns desperately need help economically. SGS Economics and Planning (2016) stated Victorias rural towns slipped backwards for the fourth consecutive year. Victoria was the only state who's regional towns went backwards last financial year.

Victoria is lucky enough to still have our wetlands, many Internationally recognised for environmental significance and home to unique and endangered species of birdlife - capable of luring the rapidly growing and extremely lucrative nature tourism to our rural doorsteps.

Is it not well time our MPs banned the outdated practise of shooting birds and instead promoted nature tourism for our struggling rural towns- an industry already worth $40Bn in other parts of the country?

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