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Our Rural Golden Egg- untapped.

More than 3.2 billion international tourists travel the world each day.

"Australia's natural beauty rich and rare, remains a major drawcard for overseas visitors." (The Australian July 2017).

This "wide brown land" of ours has a huge number of endemic birds compared to other countries, the most biodiverse waters, the most reptiles, truly unique giant birds and marsupials found nowhere else on earth.

"The combination of our unique wildlife and environments now attracts circa 70% of International visitors" according to Tourism Australia.

No wonder the cleverly marketed Phillip Island Nature Parks has continued to go from strength to strength, now responsible for bringing Victoria $498 million a year (up 24% in just the last two years) and over 2100 jobs.

Of course Kakadu Wetlands , "just a swamp" is a well known success story too.

So why are rural Victorian towns struggling financially? With stunning wetlands across Victoria internationally recognised for environmental significance, rich in aboriginal heritage and home to unique and endangered species of birds, we could have our own Kakadu here.

Alas. It clearly pays to celebrate, not decimate our nature assets.

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