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Is the Andrews state government hearing Victorians?

Watch this short video and have your say.

With 98 percent of Victorians metro and rural telling our state government that animal welfare is important, it's pleasing to see the Minister for Agriculture recently announcing new animal welfare measures. We need her to be true to her word for the sake of our precious native waterbirds, hundreds of thousands of whom are brutally killed and maimed at waterways around Victoria each Autumn.

Other states have long banned the practise for reasons of cruelty and a preference for the highly lucrative trend of nature tourism.

These sensitive animals have been proven to feel emotion, pain, fear and sorrow much like humans.

We know at least 1 in 4 of these defenceless creatures will flap away to die slow horrific deaths including through drowning in their own blood, starvation due to shattered bills or maggot infestation of wounds. We also know many species are monogamous, often forming life long pairs, the loss of a loved one leading to significant suffering, sometimes even death from shock or grief.

We look forward to the Andrews government showing they are serious about rural growth and animal welfare, by banning the shooting of native waterbirds in Victoria immediately.

"There is no place for animal suffering in a modern, caring, ethical society." (Hon Jaala Pulford)

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