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10 Days to Unmonitored Gunfire in Public Places

This is not a real picture because duck shooting is not allowed at Albert Park Lake. The question is why?

Did You Know...

In less than 2 weeks, a small army including children as young as twelve, will descend with their shotguns, unmonitored, on thousands of public lakes, creeks, rivers, wetlands, waterways and reservoirs around our state in a one sided ambush of our defenceless native waterbirds.

Our dwindling numbers of waterbirds are struggling with unprecedented climate challenges, many having flown to our state for refuge, only to become "sitting ducks" for recreational shooters.

It is impossible for authorities to monitor the thousands of waterways where shooting will occur from before dawn to after dusk every day for months.

This is an unacceptable risk to nearby residents and unsuspecting members of the public who may come to bushwalk, kayak or birdwatch. It's also a shocking risk to our struggling native waterbirds, many unique to our country.

Incredibly, with less than two weeks left until the shooting is due to start, maps showing the locations of thousands of public areas where the shooting will occur, are still not available.

GMA - tasked with ensuring rules are followed- are only aware of a couple of hundred.

Sadly, we are aware that people have already planned their holidays elsewhere, other than rural Victoria to avoid being near shooting.

Is it any surprise that domestic tourism is reaping more rewards for NSW and QLD?

Recreational duck shooting was banned in NSW, QLD and WA by progressive Labor governments. It is also banned in ACT as well as areas like Albert Park, Wendouree, Weeroona and Daylesford where other nature based activities bring money to the community.

Are our small rural towns not as deserving of a safe, peaceful and lucrative environment?

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