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Constituents to MPs - It's Time to Act for Us.

New poll shows voters across the city and country want Daniel Andrews to ban duck shooting.

Regional Victorians Opposed to Duck Shooting Inc. (RVOTDS) are calling on Daniel Andrews to urgently ban duck shooting, following polling in the seats of Werribee and Bendigo East that shows strong support for a ban.

A ReachTEL poll commissioned for RVOTDS has found a majority of voters in both Werribee and Bendigo East support a ban on recreational shooting of native waterbirds, most of them indicating “strong support” for doing so.

The poll also found that a majority of people in Werribee and Bendigo East would be more likely to vote for a candidate in the next election if they advocated for an end to duck shooting.

RVOTDS were compelled to poll these seats following concerns from constituents that the member for Bendigo East Jacinta Allan didn’t believe her country electorate supported a ban on duck shooting, while the member for Werribee Tim Pallas didn’t believe ‘blue-collar’ electorates like his supported a ban on duck shooting.

This poll dispels any myth that there isn’t support in the country or largely blue-collar electorates to ban duck shooting. The majority of Victorians, no matter where they are, want the Victorian Government to act urgently to protect our native waterbirds - many species unique to our country.

This new poll just adds to the overwhelming existing evidence that Daniel Andrews must act now to end cruel native waterbird shooting in Victoria. He was elected to act in the interests of Victoria and Victoria has made their thoughts on duck shooting loud and clear.

The undeniable cruelty, plummeting numbers of our native waterbirds, the rights of rural families to enjoy their properties by the water in peace and the rights of rural towns to tap into the lucrative trend of nature based tourism hampered by bird shooting, are all reasons to follow the lead of other states.

The Andrews government have done some great things for rural Victoria in terms of tourism. It's now time to build on that for the benefit of all, protecting our nature assets for future generations at the same time.

Picture Australian Pelican, Eleanor Dilley. Sadly, pelicans and other non "game" birds are often collateral damage in Victoria's recreational duck shooting season.

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