Great Egret
Great Egret
Royal Spoonbill with Grey Teal
Australian Wood Duck
Pacific black Duck
Australian White Ibis
Dusky Moorhen nest building
Australasian Darter
Great Crested Grebe
Great Egret
Australian Ibis and Royal spoonbill
Pacific Black Duck
Pacific Black Duck
Pied Cormorant and Grey Teal
Grey Teal
White-necked Heron
Australasian Darter - Male
Australian Wood Duck juvenile
Australasian Bittern
Blue-billed Duck -male
Black-winged Stilt
Beautiful Brolga, dancing.
Rare Freckled Duck
Musk Duck
White-faced Heron
Black swan
Australian Black Swan cygnet
Purple Swamphen
Eurasian Coot with chicks
Straw-necked & White Ibis
White-faced Heron in flight
Australian Wood Ducks
Pink-eared ducks loafing on log
Pink-eared Duck
Australian Wood Duck
Australasian (Blue-winged) Shoveler
Eurasian coot with chick
Australian Wood Duck family
Hardhead female.
young Pacific Black Duck
Black Swan cygnet
Red-necked Stint
White-faced Heron
Australian Pelican & friends
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper
Australian Shelduck
Australian Shelduck & Freckled Duck
Black-fronted Dotterill
Pacific Black Duck
Australasian Darter chicks
Purple Swamphen chick
Australia Wood Duck pair
Pacific Black Duck
Yellow-billed Spoonbill, Great Egret
Red-capped Plover
Grey Teal
Great Egret
Straw-necked Ibis
Hoary-headed Grebe
Chestnut Teal bathing
Pacific Black Duck
Australasian Shelduck
Royal Spoonbill chicks
Australian Pelican
Yellow-billed Spoonbill
Australian Pelican
Chestnut Team Duckling
Pacific Black Duck
Blue-billed Duck
Freckled Duck
Pacific Black Duck

Picture Eleanor Dilley