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Regional Victorians Opposed to Duck Shooting Inc. (RVOTDS) is a not for profit association based in Victoria Australia. Our aim is to not only be a voice for our stunning native waterbirds, many species unique to our country, but the growing numbers of people who live and work in regional areas, concerned with the adverse impacts of recreational bird shooting on their everyday lives and livelihoods.

One hundred years ago, Victoria's population was approximately one million people, most of whom lived around the Yarra River. Now, there are around six million people in Victoria, one million of them living in rural areas often near waterways where unmonitored recreational shooting of our native waterbirds is still allowed. 

There is no valid reason why the Victorian Government should not follow other states' leads and ban the outdated practise of shooting the nation's dwindling numbers of native birds.​ There is every reason they should.

We are fed up with the gunfire from before dawn, the cruelty, the litter, the trespass and the one sided propaganda to do with claimed revenue to our towns.

Our native wildlife deserve better. Our regional communities deserve better.

Poll after poll shows the majority of Victorians  - city and country - are opposed to the shooting of our birds, a largely un-policed pastime which causes inevitable pain and suffering to the large numbers of animals who are not killed outright including protected species.

Latest (2020) knowledge tests show only 13% of duck shooters know what to do with a downed bird and only 20% answered a three part question correctly on distinguishing protected species. 

Scientists warn our waterbirds have declined 90% since just the 1980's. With worsening effects of climate change drying wetlands faster it's time to protect the stunning assets we are lucky to still have.

Above: community sentiment captured by petition, in a central Victorian shire.
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