Quail carnage unacceptable

In 2021, Victoria is the only state to allow recreational shooting of native stubble quail.

Starting 30 minutes before sunrise on Easter Saturday, our native quail will be "flushed" by dogs and blasted by shotguns for the "fun" of a few.

This will last 88 days.

There are no current Quail population surveys, no data for the impact of quail shooting on threatened species like the crtitically endangered Plains Wanderer, no shooter acuracy tests required and toxic lead ammunition still allowed to shoot quail at wetlands, forests, crown land and public wildlife reserves as well as on private properties - some used for food growing.

Ask the Minister to stop the shoot.

Last season, quail shooters bagged the lowest number of quail per shooter per shooter- day,  in ten years. Nearly three quarters of active quail shooters bagged none. There were few shooters. They should have bagged more.

This should have been a warning to Victoria's regulators. Instead they called another full quail shoot. Even South Australia banned theirs. 

Tasmania is the only other state in 2021 to allow recreational quail shooting: brown quail.