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Quail carnage unacceptable

For months each year, Victoria's tiny native quail are "flushed" by dogs and blasted with shotgun pellets for the "fun" of a few.

Government's long-term harvest data shows Victoria's native Stubble Quail are in alarming decline. The government's short-term "counts" also show a decline in the species.


The first ever "count" of the species in 2022 found just 101. This tiny number was extrapolated up to a dubious 3.1 million, with a high error indicator of 29% (an acceptable error indicator is 15% or less). 

A second "count" was performed across more locations in early 2023 which allegedly found around 400 birds (extrapolated up to an incredible 7 million). This was really the first count given the previous year's limitations.

In early 2024, the count found native Stubble Quail numbers were 20% lower than last year, despite significant rainfall.


It is concerning given the long-term and short-term decline, the regulator has seen no reason to make any recommendations to change the  shooting season. Thankfully Ministers exercised their right in 2023 to do so.

Unbelievably, Minister Dimopoulos has allowed a full unrestricted quail shoot to take place in 2024.

There is no data for the impact of quail shooting on threatened species like the crititically endangered Plains Wanderer, no shooter ID accuracy tests required, and toxic lead ammunition still allowed to shoot quail at wetlands, in forests, crown land and public wildlife reserves as well as on private properties - some used for food growing!

In 2024, Native Stubble Quail Numbers have Crashed by 20% Despite rain

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