We are concerned members of the rural community, in industries from farming to finance. We have one purpose in common- to ensure the right thing by rural Victoria.

There is no valid reason why the Victorian Government should not follow other states' leads and ban the outdated practise of shooting the nations dwindling numbers of birds.

There is every reason, why they should.

We are fed up with the gunfire, the violence and the one sided propaganda to do with claimed revenue to our towns.

We believe there is no place for unpoliced shooting, or cruelty, in our modern society.


Instead, we want year round, ethical, sustainable revenue which our unique fauna affords us via nature tourism, at the stunning waterways and wetlands we are lucky enough to still have.

We want to show off our beautiful country to tourists who appreciate the beauty of our unique and endangered native wildlife, the taste of our home grown wines, olives and locally made cheese and crafts.

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