Parliamentary Questions

We are very grateful to Clifford Hayes, MP Sustainable Australia Party and Andy Meddick, MP Animal Justice Party,

for raising the below Questions on Notice.

Links below to Questions by

Clifford Hayes MP,

Sustainable Australia Party

Links below to Questions by Andy Meddick MP, 

Animal Justice Party


Many Victorians especially those who live near the waterways where duck shooting is allowed, will know that a large number of answers to these questions are sadly lacking.

It is not possible for an activity to be monitored when thousands of the public areas where it is allowed to occur are not even mapped. 

What is clear, is a misconception of Ministers that hunting maps are complete, a lack of understanding of where all the areas are and how close they are to homes and other public recreational users. Further that there have been no risk assessments and no social nor economic impact studies done other than a survey of shooters.


We will continue to fight to ensure our policy makers are aware of the facts which adversely impact so many people, places and wildlife.

Our declining biodiversity, public safety, our rights to peaceful enjoyment of our properties and public assets, are all critical factors worth fighting for.

If you would like to help us in the fight, you can take action here.

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