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Dear Local Member,

Every autumn our otherwise beautiful regional Victoria becomes a shooting range for a minority group of recreational native bird shooters.

You may be surprised to know they represent less than half of one percent of Victoria’s population, yet they are allowed to shoot our birds in so many areas that no government department has been able to estimate the number of shooting locations, let alone monitor them for shooters compliance.

A few points I would like to make:


  • It is not okay to shoot our wildlife for pleasure. The cruelty that occurs when one in four birds is not killed outright, but wounded only to suffer an agonising death over days or even weeks is not acceptable.

  • It is not okay that other protected bird species are wounded or killed collaterally in the process.

  • It is not okay that regional towns are deprived of their share of the $94 billion tourism spend because shooting keeps tourists away.

  • It is not okay that the lives of families, pets and other wildlife living nearby are badly impacted during what goes on for 3 months - a quarter of the year!

In good conscience I cannot and do not support the ongoing sanctioning of annual duck and quail shooting seasons.

As my representative, it is with urgency that I ask for your help to convince the Labor Government, and in particular The Hon. Gayle Tierney and Premier Dan Andrews, that a ban on this distasteful recreational pastime is necessary immediately.

Other states have banned this cruel unecessary slaughter. Why hasn't Victoria?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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