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Our stance on the Victorian state election - It's urgent.

In the lead up to the election, we have been asked who we support. Here is our response.

Every four years, we all have the chance to help shape the world we live in, by casting our vote in the state election.

This year, RVOTDS Inc believe it's a critical one.

The poor financial state of our rural communities requires an urgent and dramatic shift in policy. We need visionary leaders with an ear to the rural ground, a genuine care for their constituents, a willingness to embrace new and better ways and the strength to resist political ploys which benefit few.

Ministers do apparently swear an oath to serve their constituents.

The appalling decline in our biodiversity is equally as urgent. Australia is wearing the global "dunce" hat when it comes to loss of species, sadly including many species unique to our country. Maintaining species diversity is not just a nice to have so our grandchildren can enjoy the nature and wildlife we do today, but a necessity for human existence. (We will save the details of that for a future blog.)

RVOTDS Inc are adamant that the health of our rural communities - financially and otherwise - is steadfastly linked to our precious nature assets and that we are at a turning point in our ability as a society to protect them.

Labor has shown positive signs of supporting rural Victorians through tourism initiatives. Animal Justice Party and The Greens have demonstrated their desire to listen to rural constituents and their understanding of the value of nature assets and commitment to, rural communities' health and prosperity.

For the sake of our rural communities and our struggling precious native waterbirds, RVOTDS is supportive of The Greens and Animal Justice Party.

Conversely, RVOTDS Inc. do not believe the Nationals nor the Shooters Party are farmers friends. Why do they persist in supporting a minority recreational activity like duck shooting, costing millions in taxpayer dollars on impossible governance measures and lost tourism revenue? Why don't they support nature based tourism initiatives which are booming elsewhere, are more socially acceptable, humane and sustainable? What are their plans to mitigate climate struggles? Is decentralisation, a national ideology which often requires local jobs to be present in the first place for it to be successful, all they've got to whisper?

They have ignored constituents letters so sadly we don't have their answer.

The Liberal Nationals and Shooters parties appear to us, to be miles behind the others in critical areas of importance to the bush.

For parties we've not mentioned, ask them their policies.

You can also do your own research on party preferences here;

It's about the Victoria our grandchildren will grow up in.

Picture Pink-eared ducks, unique to Australia, form life-long pairs,

Courtesy Eleanor Dilley.

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