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One hurts no-one. One hurts everything.

"Sport" = an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against eachother or others for entertainment. (Oxford dictionary)

Sadly, many shooting lobbies and political parties have so far refused to distinguish between a regulated sport and uncontrollable cruelty in Victoria.

Duck shooting does not just impact our struggling numbers of native waterbirds in a shockingly inhumane way (one of the main reasons why other states have banned it).

The three month barrage of gunfire shattering the peace, the sight of dead and maimed birds falling from the sky, of unmonitored men in army gear camped nearby to families, is unpalatable to most, especially residents and would-be tourists.

Safety is becoming more important to rural Victorians, as are jobs and any possibility of a reasonable financial future for our children.

For many small rural towns, the prospect of tourism is all we have.

RVOTDS Inc. call on government and shooters groups to show respect for our native waterbirds and for those of us in the bush.

Stop duck shooting.

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