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Once every four years we have a chance to demand better at the ballot box. Hot on the agenda for many, is bushfire mitigation, habitat and native wildlife preservation. 


Together with Australian Wildlife Society, RVOTDS sought responses from political parties regarding policies and achievements. The below table is a summary of results - compiled by RVOTDS. (Party names are in no particular order.)  

checklist of where different political parties stand on environment and animal welfare

**RVOTDS does not seek to advise people how to vote, but to assist awareness based on our extensive research and experiences.

DID YOU KNOW, you dont have to follow "How to Vote Cards" which are often said to be the result of back room inter party "deals"? You can instead put all your own "good guys" in the relevant boxes. 


Can smaller parties form government? Possibly not (yet) - but they can certainly help ensure democracy in the meantime and are an important voice for regional communities, the environment and wildlife.

RVOTDS asks voters to send a clear message to the major parties that our wildlife and regions matter. Put as many of the "good guys" first as possible. 


See more detailed information on party policies and achievements here.

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