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Regional Victorians' urgent plea for our critically declining ecosystems.

The Andrews' state government must face up to the plight of our critically declining waterbirds, precious ecosystems and rural economies. Watch this short video to see why things must change fast.

On National Threatened Species Day, it's opportune to realise some truths with urgency.

The massive number of our native waterbirds shot each year including unique and endangered species and at RAMSAR wetlands, is a huge blot on Victorias' conservation abilities.

Further, we are decimating the very assets capable of saving our rural economies.

For many rural towns, the prospect of tourism is all we have, to save our dwindling jobs and revenues.

Nature tourism is one the fastest growing global trends.

Rural Victoria offers some of the most stunning landscapes and unique wildlife including threatened waterbirds, in the country.

It's time to swap the guns for cameras in this instance, protect and leverage the unique nature assets we have at wetlands across Victoria and attract the growing number of nature tourists who are flocking elsewhere, to our small rural towns as well.

It's about the Victoria our grandchildren will grow up in.

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