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Northcote's message to Labor.

Whatever your political persuasion, if you love our charismatic feathered friends, the week-end's Northcote by-election result was positive.

This long term Labor seat have voiced their values. High on the list; animal welfare and protection of nature assets, with The Greens seen as the solution.

Labor ought take heed.

Despite public commitments to animal welfare as well as rural jobs and growth, the Victorian Labor government have still not followed other states leads in banning the cruel practise of shooting our native waterbirds in Victoria.

Despite drought, the lowest number of birds in 34 years, proven cruelty, significant numbers of rare and threatened birds shot each year and 87% Victorians opposing the activity, Labor has continued to pander to 0.4% of the population who shoot our native waterbirds.

Claimed economic benefit of duck shooting has been seriously questioned by independent economists who say the net benefit is possibly negative. Nature tourism by contrast, is rapidly growing and highly lucrative. Its time to replace the former with the latter.

The time for action is now.

Labor is on notice.

Its time for Labor to demonstrate their commitments and stop a further shooting season.

Picture, Brolgas, courtesy of Dorith Callander

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