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Is Victoria Not an Enlightened Smart State?

Correct, these are not game ducks. Sadly it often makes no difference. Picture Purple Swamphen with chick, courtesy Eleanor Dilley.

Waterbirds like these are too frequently illegally shot in duck shooting. This season a purple swamphen was found in the reeds badly suffering with two broken legs, days after being shot

1990 Recreational Duck shooting outlawed in West Australia

There is widespread opposition throughout the community to the cruelty and environmental damage caused by shooters… Evidence from previous [WA] seasons shows that injured ducks have been left to die, protected species have been shot, and fragile wetlands have been polluted by lead and cartridges. Our community has reached a stage of enlightenment where it can no longer accept the institutionalised killing of native birds for recreation.”

Dr Carmen Lawrence, Premier (ALP)

1995 Recreational Duck shooting outlawed in New South Wales

The NSW Government, under Premier Bob Carr (ALP) bans recreational duck shooting. Mr Carr has recently said there was "no negative response". In his July letter to the Victorian Premier this year he wrote that duck shooting was "not a sport and the slaying of water fowl is not a measure of human skill".

Bob Carr, Premier (ALP)

2005 Recreational Duck shooting outlawed in Queensland

There will be no more duck and quail hunting in Queensland … It’s time to ban the recreational shooting of ducks and quail. This is not an appropriate activity in contemporary life in the Smart State.

Peter Beattie, Premier (ALP)

Recreational duck shooting has never been allowed in ACT.

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