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MInisters' Responses Published

Democracy in action?

Pink-eared Duck picture by Nalini Scarfe

We sincerely thank the Members of Parliament who have extended the courtesy of their time in hearing us and providing considered responses to our communications. Their professionalism and respect will not be forgotten.

We would also like to specifically thank Clifford Hayes MP Sustainable Australia Party and Andy Meddick MP Animal Justice Party, for Questions on Notice which they have tabled in Parliament.

The questions surround critical aspects to do with Victoria's annual recreational bird shooting season, such as public safety, animal welfare, economics and sustainability, to name a few.

We have collated these questions and answers on our website here;

Unfortunately, based on some of the answers, It appears there is still little understanding of the number of areas where unmonitored shooting is allowed, nor of its proximity to residents.

Further, that no risk assessments have taken place and no social/economic impact studies considered other than a survey of shooters.

Contrary to what Ministers appear to believe, public shooting areas are far from being all mapped. Have Ministers and other MPs been misled?

We look forward to the Labor Party holding their review into duck shooting which they voted to have last year.

With evidence of seriously inadequate management of our precious ecosystems, let’s hope they do so very soon. In so doing, the majority of the people including scientists should be heard, and this unpopular activity banned.

Recreational bird shooting is illegal in QLD, NSW, WA and ACT. In Victoria, less than half of one percent of the population partake (GMA license statistics) while 87% want the activity banned (Morgan Poll).


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