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More Ministers Responses

Our sincere thanks to the MPs who continue to hear their constituents and represent us in Parliament especially through trying times. Special thanks to Andy Meddick MP, Clifford Hayes MP and Fiona Patten MP for raising the below questions.

By way of background: 100 years ago the population of Victoria was approximately one million people, most of whom lived around the Yarra. Now there are over six million people in our state, many keen to enjoy our regional waterways for passive recreation.

Over one million people now live in regional Victoria, often near public waterways where recreational bird shooting is still allowed to occur.

The government often leans on alleged "economic" benefits to justify this activity. Their reference is an estimate born of a survey of shooters, answers unverified, which did not account for the adverse impacts to tourism nor the wider non- duck shooting community (majority). Needless to say it did not follow VAGO - Victorian Auditor General Office- approved methodology.

Another survey of shooters, again funded by taxpayers most of whom oppose duck shooting, has just been conducted which we believe is equally limited.

Less than half of one percent of the population still shoot birds for fun, yet the adverse impacts to others are significant.

Hence why it's so important the non bird shooting community have a voice.

Thank you again to the Members of Parliament who are serving the public interest and upholding democracy. It won't be forgotten.

Here are a few more questions since our last update which have received a Ministerial response:

Sadly "intelligence led" compliance monitoring cannot control the stupidity which endangers our native birdlife and the public, despite the millions of taxpayer dollars pouring into the effort.

Stay tuned for responses to more questions. Some examples here:

More questions and answers can be found on our website:

Do you have a question you'd like asked? Send it to your MP or to us at

"Democracy is a government of, by and for the people"

- Abraham Lincoln

Stay safe everyone, RVOTDS.

Picture Pacific Black Duck, courtesy Nalini Scarfe


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