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Rural Communities, Ducks & Dan Would Benefit From Bird Shoot Ban

A new poll by uComms has highlighted significant regional support for a ban on duck shooting.

The poll of 1031 regional and metro residents highlighted the majority support a ban, with the strongest support for a ban coming from regional Victoria.

The poll also showed:

  • The majority of holiday makers from metro areas would be put off holidaying in an area where there was shooting

  • Over 60% of both city and country respondents said they would feel unsafe undertaking other recreational activities where shooting takes place

  • More voters would be more likely than less likely to vote Labor if duck shooting was banned

  • The premier is already viewed less favorably in regional areas than metro and his support of duck shooting paints him less favourably than favourably

This poll proves yet again that the majority of Victorians - especially regional - do not want duck shooting. It also proves duck shooting deters tourism. As regional areas look to rebuild post COVID, the last thing we need is bird shooting. Our communities deserve better.

Graphs shown were published in The Age Feb 2, 2021


Back off Bully Boys*

Meanwhile our bird shooter friends have stepped up the fight with a call to arms to anyone and everyone it seems. Social media posts have been shared to American firearm groups (which is interesting when many - if not most - responsible gun owners abhor bird shooting).

Field & Game and Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party or SFF (who many say ought lose an "F") appear to have made it a priority to focus on pushing for a full native duck shooting season despite the worst environmental conditions ever recorded. So much for "conservation" and so much for the wishes of the vast majority of Victorians particularly regional.

The Nationals have devoted their home webpage to less than half of one percent of the population who shoot birds….hardly in line with their motto “for Regional Victorians”. Is it time the Nationals' leader disclosed his membership of hunt clubs?

Even the Australian Deer Association (ADA) - self professed “Deer People” - have weighed in, having been allowed by GMA to attend the duck shooting Stakeholder Meetings. (Regional landholder groups, business groups, tourism or economists were not invited).

Is this what drove the ADA’s public attack on RSPCA not long afterwards just for doing what the public expect RSPCA to do – prevent cruelty?

This tactic against RSPCA may not be new. The now chair of GMA (who only recently relinquished his own duck shooting licence) was reportedly involved in the inquiry into RSPCA Victoria several years ago which resulted in RSPCA Victoria having to step back from “activism” against duck shooting.

One can’t help recall the “Not Happy Dan” TV commercials aired by Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia (which also had a strong link to GMA)– right before the last state election.

Perhaps the Premier is afraid of them?

*98% of duck shooters are male according to GMA licence statistics.


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