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Shooting with cameras is a Winner

If you look after wildlife, it will look after you.

We know the success of Phillip Island Nature Parks, bringing half a billion dollars a year and over 2000 jobs to Victoria; $120 million and 800 jobs just to the local Bass Coast area.

We know the success of Kakadu, attracting circa 200,000 visitors a year to see the wildlife and waterbirds of the swamps.

In a little area near Benalla, the growing success of Winton Wetlands is testament that rural towns can benefit from showcasing nature.

Here they shoot with cameras and the number of visitors has climbed yet again despite drought conditions, to over 65,000 for 2018/2019 year.

This is what many of our rural towns need now more than ever.

Please support Winton Wetlands and their commitment to protecting and conserving our precious wildlife and ecosystems.

Yearly membership is only $15 for individual or $30 for family.

And If you have not yet treated yourself to a visit to this magical place, it's time you did.

Australian Pink-eared Ducks, courtesy Eleanor Dilley


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