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Victorian Premier shuns country Victoria in finishing off Australia's remaining wildlife.

Daniel Andrews can no longer say he ”Delivers for All Victorians” with an announcement of a further native bird shooting season which goes against scientists advice and the majority of Victorians wishes including his own party members.

If the Premier isn’t listening to Victorians, his own party, Country Labor, scientists or RSPCA, who is he listening to?

The public, majority of whom oppose this minority choice of recreation yet who unwittingly subsidise it with millions in taxpayer dollars have a right to know.

With their announcement of a further bird shooting season despite the worst environmental conditions in 37 years and no social/economic impact studies of the impacts of bird shooting to rural communities, Daniel Andrews and Jaclyn Symes have today shown us. They've shown us that animal welfare, our precious native wildlife, their own party's views, rural communities, indeed democracy, are all less important to them than the duck shooting lobby.

Given previous Labor governments have called moratoriums for less dire environmental conditions, we can only view todays announcement of a "restricted" season as a cowardly attempt to "fence sit". But in this case, the fence palings won't hold.

Fact; A “restricted” season is moot given majority of the shooting is not monitored. The government can’t even say where it occurs. Maps are still incomplete.

Fact; A “restricted” season does not stop tens of thousands of native birds being killed and maimed including protected species, many will suffer horrific slow deaths. Nor does it help rural families seriously adversely impacted or the public being put at risk unnecessarily.

Sadly, the Victorian Premier has not only declared war on Australia’s birds who have sought refuge in Victoria’s waterways, but turned his back on the rural families who have reached out to him.

We expect the Premier and Minister for Regional Development will this year make themselves available to at least come and witness the impacts to rural towns and families.

In the interim, we call on the government again, to ensure safety risk assessments and social/economic impact studies are conducted before any further shooting commences.

Isn't it meant to be about all Victorians?

picture Pacific Black Duck - by Eleanor Dilley


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