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Who will represent you?

Know your choices.

Whether it's the environment or the economy, the fragile state of our ecosystems or public health and safety, we all have our own concerns and are clear about what is critically important to ourselves and our families.

But it's not always so easy to be clear about who in Parliament will best support us, or to navigate the voting system to ensure our vote goes where we want it to.

Knowing our choices.

Together with two of our Alliance partners, Australian Wildlife Protection Council and Australian Wildlife Society, RVOTDS sought feedback on party commitments pertaining to wildlife protection, habitat preservation and fire management (and therefore, regional Australia's health and prosperity) from a number of political parties.

Based on responses received, previous track records and published policies, a summary table of their position is here:

Policies and Progress PDF
Download PDF • 110KB

RVOTDS notes the commitments by Reason Party, Animal Justice Party, The Greens, and Sustainable Australia Party, to protecting our precious native wildlife and natural environments.

We hold cautious optimism for some others also, including TNL (formerly "The New Liberals") who are calling for a strong ICAC, climate action and ending recreational killing of native wildlife.

Here is a link to help identify who is in the running to represent you in each of the two houses: lower (House of Representatives) and lower down the link, upper (Senate).

Making sure our vote goes where we want it to

Your preferences could be very important.

To control where your vote ends up, consider numbering as many of your preferences as you can (6 may not be enough), so it's worth knowing a bit about the choices in advance.

Cartoon provided by one of our valued supporters.

Some links related to the questions submitted to political parties:


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