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Which is better for nature tourism?

Click the post to see both pictures.

Which is more popular? Which is safer, more ethical, humane and sustainable?

If you answered the picture on the left, you passed the intelligence test and you are one of 99.96% of Victorians.

Less than half of a percent of the population shoot waterbirds, an activity which has been proven to be inhumane and unable to be policed or controlled at the multitudes of waterways around our state. Many of these waterways are not only home to a growing number of residents, but the perfect attractions for nature tourists proven to spend big dollars which would aid our rural economies,

Please Mr Andrews, hear your constituents.

Its time the Victorian state government banned recreational duck shooting, same as other states did long ago.

You can write a quick note to the premier

*In writing to the premier, please 1. try to be polite and respectful, as emotional as this topic is, 2. feel free to copy us and 3. let us know what, if any response you receive.

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