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Another Council to be Commended

Have you heard?

While the ultimate decision rests with Ministers, Mt Alexander Shire last week voted to support an end to duck shooting at Cairn Curran reservoir.

They are not the first council to take such a stance, but it was a strong progressive move.

Residents who pay significant amounts in rates for the privilege to be in these beautiful areas, have a right to safe, peaceful enjoyment of their amenity and to be able to prosper in their surroundings.

While Independent economists have refuted claims of economic benefit to communities from duck shooting, the significant value of nature socially and economically, is only beginning to be understood.

Please drop a short note to the Mayor to thank Council for their modern stance;

Sadly shooters groups have already put out a "call to arms" to try to reverse this decision, in what most could only describe as a self-serving push of their minority recreation onto communities.

We applaud the Council for standing up for the rights of their rate payers and the benefit of others yet to discover the beauty of the Cairn Curran area.

No positive change ever occurred without there first being the visionary pioneers who paved the way.

Picture Great Egret, (threatened species in Victoria), courtesy Dorith Callander.

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