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Respecting Community and Birdlife

More waterways have been closed to duck shooting in Florida US out of respect for residents, concern for birdlife and public safety.

Quotes from the Orlando Sentinel May 1, 2019;

.". residents became concerned — not just about the loud sound of boom! boom! boom! at the crack of dawn but also about the safety of having hunters so close to homes.

“Very early in the morning you would hear gun blasts, and you don’t know if it’s a shooting at the OK Corral,” “People like to sleep in on the weekends. This is a matter of respecting your neighbor.”

"As a community we're happy that this is over".

Closer to home, this follows closures of wetlands in Mildura recently for similar reasons.

With more people living near waterways across Victoria, more people interested in nature-based activities and nature-based tourism on the rise, isn't it time communities across the state were afforded the same respect?

Recreational duck shooting is banned in QLD, ACT, NSW and WA.

There's a Better Way for our Waterways.

Picture Great Egret, courtesy Eleanor Dilley

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