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Happy Spaces for Tourists & Locals

Rural Victorians are calling on the Andrews Government to recognise the value in our waterways.

Home to rare and threatened species of native birds - including those unique to our country - many people would view they should be sanctuaries, not shooting ranges.

It's about allowing regional residents - far more of whom live near waterways now than in the 1950's- their rights to safe and peaceful enjoyment of their properties.

It's about year-round opportunities for all to enjoy the health benefits of nature at these stunning areas, some internationally recognised for environmental significance.

It's about allowing nearby rural towns the opportunity to tap into nature based tourism, securing their financial futures.

It's about happy places for tourists and visitors alike.

Recreational shooting of native waterbirds is banned in QLD, ACT, NSW and WA. Professional public polls continue to show the majority of Victorians support a ban in Victoria.

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