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Ugliness Exposed

RVOTDS’ New TV ads hit airwaves showing cruelty to native ducks

Our new TV commercial showing a wounded native duck left abandoned during duck shooting - sadly a common sight near waterways - is now airing in regional Victoria.

Showing this sort of footage was a sad choice to make but Victorians have a right to know what is happening to their native birdlife.

Polls show the vast majority of regional Victorians are opposed to animal cruelty – the main reason duck shooting is banned in other states.

No-one wants to see this sort of suffering – not locals living near the waterways and not tourists - which is important now rural areas are wanting tourism to help them recover post COVID.

A recent knowledge test by the Game Management Authority showed only 13% of duck shooters knew what to do with a downed bird and only 20% could accurately identify game species.


Wildlife Protection Billboard Vandalised

Meanwhile, duck shooters have taken to social media to cheer the violent vandalising of a wildlife protection billboard in Gippsland.

The billboard jointly funded by Australian Wildlife Society (AWS) and RVOTDS advocating protection of native waterbirds was attacked by vandals who left a knife at the scene with a name and address on it.

This act shows nothing but violence and disrespect for the law, for others’ property and the town of Rosedale - let alone our birdlife.

It is widely believed towns like Rosedale would be better off without bird shooting seasons, so they could tap into the benefits of tourism which is hampered by shooting. Independent studies show the majority of tourists avoid areas where there is shooting.

While investigations take place, duck shooters' social media comments have been saved as screenshots and passed to authorities.

A new sign - together with security cameras - has been erected to replace the damaged one.


South Australian Government Decision Condemned

A three month 2021 native duck shooting season has just been announced in South Australia commencing twenty minutes before sunrise March 20. This is an appalling reflection on the South Australian Government who have dismissed science let alone the views of the majority of their constituents for the sake of a few recreational bird shooters.

The fact the decision was broadcast by a minority hunting group before the government announced it, is perhaps an indication of who is calling the shots in that state.

Interestingly, quail shooting is off limits in South Australia for the second year in a row and now so too are several species of “game” ducks, a sign even the SA government is concerned about their numbers.

Given the South Australian government has just approved the further decimation of the nation's native birds - many species unique to our country - it is an issue that impacts us all.

Victoria must protect the birds we have left.

For those who may have missed our previous newsletter outlining clear reasons the Victorian 2021 bird shoot must be cancelled, our submission to GMA can be viewed here.


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