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Calls to Ministers to clean up the Act!

Victorians are calling on the Andrews government to clean up the Act.

In a second media release in less than a month, the Andrews government is trying hard to portray a care for animal welfare as well as rural economies, issues important to all of us.

Recently they "set tails wagging" with circa $300,000 funding for dogs and cats. Now the Victorian government is promoting a care for wildlife, stating wildlife trafficking is "cruel and inhumane" and has "the potential to destroy Victoria's natural environment, our ecosystem and our economy".

Without doubt, so too does the shooting of our native waterbirds each year with shot guns - a practise which other states have banned.

Yet just last month, our declining number of native waterbirds were again being brutally slaughtered at hundreds of lakes around our state. While some shooters no doubt try to do the right thing, every year thousands of birds including unique and endangered species are shot and left to die a slow and agonising death.

The government's own Animal Welfare Advisory Committee recommended the practise be phased out 15 years ago. RSPCA also opposes duck shooting due to "inherent, inevitable and large scale pain and suffering". Vets' descriptions of what happens to the animals when they are hit with a spray of pellets is unfortunately nothing short of a horror movie (refer earlier post) and other states have already banned the practise on cruelty grounds.

Our government too can stop our animals suffering, with a simple amendment to the Wildlife Act.

We look forward to the Andrews government demonstrating its care for animal welfare, ceasing this cruel practise immediately and instead allowing for other more ethical, popular and economically beneficial activities to take place at our waterways. This is what our rural economy desperately needs.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Agriculture;

"Animal welfare matters to all Victorians. Whether it's a beloved pet, livestock or wild animal - we all have a role to play in ensuring the welfare of animals"

Points to note;

  • Less than 0.004% people shoot birds. Over 87% Victorians want duck shooting banned (Morgan Poll).

  • Alleged state revenue benefits from duck shooting have been disproven by multiple reputable institutions including The Australian Institute.

  • Nature tourism, particularly bird watching is one of the fastest growing past times in the world, with its participants known to care for, stay longer and spend more money in, places they visit.

  • Recently another $5,000,000 of Victorian taxpayers money was handed to a small number of shooters.

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