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Premier please, it's time.


It's time to listen to the professional polls which say the vast majority of Victorians want duck shooting banned.

It's time to heed thousands of letters and many tens of thousands of signatures on petitions from Victorians who want duck shooting banned.

It's time to heed advice of independent experts in areas of ecoscience, animal welfare, birdlife and economics who advise duck shooting should be banned.

It's time to concede that the claimed $43 million from duck shooters, pales to insignificance against the proven economic benefits of nature based tourism which is bringing billions to other parts of the country (Tourism Research Australia).

It's time to build on the vision for regional Victorian development - already demonstrated with support of Phillip Island and Lake Tyrell.

It's time to follow the lead of other states who have banned recreational duck shooting for reasons of cruelty and a preference for nature based tourism - which according to SGS Economics and recent ATO financial data, is working.

It's time to allow our struggling rural communities to enjoy the social and economic rewards our nature assets allow.

It's time to make it fair.

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